perl - phpMan

a2p (1)              - Awk to Perl translator
Apache2::Access (3pm) - A Perl API for Apache request object: Access, Authent...
Apache2::CmdParms (3pm) - Perl API for Apache command parameters object
Apache2::Command (3pm) - Perl API for accessing Apache module command informa...
Apache2::Connection (3pm) - Perl API for Apache connection object
Apache2::ConnectionUtil (3pm) - Perl API for Apache connection utils
Apache2::Const (3pm) - Perl Interface for Apache Constants
Apache2::Directive (3pm) - Perl API for manipulating the Apache configuration...
Apache2::Filter (3pm) - Perl API for Apache 2.0 Filtering
Apache2::FilterRec (3pm) - Perl API for manipulating the Apache filter record
Apache2::HookRun (3pm) - Perl API for Invoking Apache HTTP phases
Apache2::Log (3pm)   - Perl API for Apache Logging Methods
Apache2::Module (3pm) - Perl API for creating and working with Apache modules
Apache2::MPM (3pm)   - Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information
Apache2::PerlSections (3pm) - write Apache configuration files in Perl
Apache2::porting (3pm) - - a helper module for mod_perl 1.0 to mod_perl 2.0 p...
Apache2::Process (3pm) - Perl API for Apache process record
Apache2::Reload (3pm) - Reload Perl Modules when Changed on Disk
Apache2::RequestIO (3pm) - Perl API for Apache request record IO
Apache2::RequestRec (3pm) - Perl API for Apache request record accessors
Apache2::RequestUtil (3pm) - Perl API for Apache request record utils
Apache2::Response (3pm) - Perl API for Apache HTTP request response methods
Apache2::ServerRec (3pm) - Perl API for Apache server record accessors
Apache2::ServerUtil (3pm) - Perl API for Apache server record utils
Apache2::SubProcess (3pm) - - Executing SubProcesses under mod_perl
Apache2::SubRequest (3pm) - Perl API for Apache subrequests
Apache2::URI (3pm)   - Perl API for manipulating URIs
Apache2::Util (3pm)  - Perl API for Misc Apache Utility functions
Apache::TestRunPerl (3pm) - Run mod_perl-requiring Test Suite
APR (3pm)            - Perl Interface for Apache Portable Runtime (libapr and...
APR::Base64 (3pm)    - Perl API for APR base64 encoding/decoding functionality
APR::Brigade (3pm)   - Perl API for manipulating APR Bucket Brigades
APR::Bucket (3pm)    - Perl API for manipulating APR Buckets
APR::BucketAlloc (3pm) - Perl API for Bucket Allocation
APR::BucketType (3pm) - Perl API for APR bucket types
APR::Const (3pm)     - Perl Interface for APR Constants
APR::Date (3pm)      - Perl API for APR date manipulating functions
APR::Error (3pm)     - Perl API for APR/Apache/mod_perl exceptions
APR::Finfo (3pm)     - Perl API for APR fileinfo structure
APR::IpSubnet (3pm)  - Perl API for accessing APRs ip_subnet structures
APR::OS (3pm)        - Perl API for Platform-specific APR API
APR::PerlIO (3pm)    - - Perl IO layer for APR
APR::Pool (3pm)      - Perl API for APR pools
APR::SockAddr (3pm)  - Perl API for APR socket address structure
APR::Socket (3pm)    - Perl API for APR sockets
APR::Status (3pm)    - Perl Interface to the APR_STATUS_IS_* macros
APR::String (3pm)    - Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs
APR::Table (3pm)     - Perl API for manipulating APR opaque string-content ta...
APR::ThreadMutex (3pm) - Perl API for APR thread mutexes
APR::ThreadRWLock (3pm) - Perl API for APR thread read/write locks
APR::URI (3pm)       - Perl API for URI manipulations
APR::Util (3pm)      - Perl API for Various APR Utilities
APR::UUID (3pm)      - Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs
Bundle::Apache2 (3pm) - Install Apache mod_perl2 and related modules
Bundle::DBD::mysql (3pm) - A bundle to install Perl drivers for MySQL
Bundle::LWP (3pm)    - install all libwww-perl related modules
sw-collectd-perl (5) - Documentation of collectd's *(C`perl plugin*(C'
config_data (1)      - Query or change configuration of Perl modules
DBD::File::Roadmap (3pm) - Planned Enhancements for DBD::File and pure Perl D...
DBD::mysql (3pm)     - MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)
DBD::Sponge (3pm)    - Create a DBI statement handle from Perl data
DBI (3pm)            - Database independent interface for Perl
DBI::DBD (3pm)       - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide
DBI::FAQ (3pm)       - - The Frequently Asked Questions for the Perl5 Databas...
DBI::ProfileDumper::Apache (3pm) - capture DBI profiling data from Apache/mod...
DBI::PurePerl (3pm)  - - a DBI emulation using pure perl (no C/XS compilation...
dh_perl_dbi (1)      - add dependencies required for DBI modules
Digest::SHA1 (3pm)   - Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm
dprofpp (1)          - display perl profile data
enc2xs (1)           - - Perl Encode Module Generator
File::Copy::Recursive (3pm) - Perl extension for recursively copying files an...
find2perl (1)        - translate find command lines to Perl code
Font::FreeType (3pm) - read font files and render glyphs from Perl using Free...
ftpasswd (1)         - Perl script for managing AuthUserFiles and AuthGroupFiles
ftpmail (1)          - FIFO-based Perl script for sending email based on prof...
ftpquota (1)         - Perl script for managing limit/tally files for mod_quo...
h2ph (1)             - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
h2xs (1)             - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions
HTML::Template (3pm) - Perl module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts
HTML::Tree::AboutTrees (3pm) - - article on tree-shaped data structures in Perl
Image::Magick (3pm)  - Perl extension for calling ImageMagick's libMagick met...
LWP (3pm)            - The World-Wide Web library for Perl
lwpcook (3pm)        - The libwww-perl cookbook
Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout (3pm) - safe, reliable timeouts in perl
mod_perl2 (3pm)      - Embed a Perl interpreter in the Apache/2.x HTTP server
ModPerl::BuildMM (3pm) - - A "subclass" of ModPerl::MM used for building mod_...
ModPerl::Code (3pm)  - Perl Interface for $class Constants
ModPerl::Config (3pm) - Functions to retrieve mod_perl specific env information.
ModPerl::Const (3pm) - - ModPerl Constants
ModPerl::CScan (3pm) - scan C language files for easily recognized constructs.
ModPerl::Global (3pm) - - Perl API for manipulating special Perl lists
ModPerl::MethodLookup (3pm) - - Lookup mod_perl modules, objects and methods
ModPerl::MM (3pm)    - - A "subclass" of ExtUtils::MakeMaker for mod_perl 2.0
ModPerl::PerlRun (3pm) - Run unaltered CGI scripts under mod_perl
ModPerl::PerlRunPrefork (3pm) - Run unaltered CGI scripts under mod_perl
ModPerl::Registry (3pm) - Run unaltered CGI scripts persistently under mod_perl
ModPerl::RegistryBB (3pm) - Run unaltered CGI scripts persistently under mod_...
ModPerl::RegistryCooker (3pm) - Cook mod_perl 2.0 Registry Modules
ModPerl::RegistryLoader (3pm) - Compile ModPerl::RegistryCooker scripts at se...
ModPerl::RegistryPrefork (3pm) - Run unaltered CGI scripts under mod_perl
ModPerl::Util (3pm)  - Helper mod_perl Functions
Net::Daemon (3pm)    - Perl extension for portable daemons
Net::DNS (3pm)       - Perl interface to the DNS resolver
Net::IP (3pm)        - Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
Net::XWhois (3pm)    - Whois Client Interface for Perl5.
NetAddr::IP::UtilPP (3pm) - - pure Perl functions for NetAddr::IP::Util
pcre (3)             - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_compile (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_compile2 (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_config (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_copy_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_copy_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_dfa_exec (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_exec (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_fullinfo (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_named_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_stringnumber (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_stringtable_entries (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_substring (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_substring_list (3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_info (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_maketables (3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_refcount (3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_study (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_version (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreapi (3)          - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrebuild (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecallout (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecompat (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecpp (3)          - Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcrematching (3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrepartial (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrepattern (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreperform (3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreposix (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcreprecompile (3)   - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcresample (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrestack (3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcresyntax (3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcretest (1)         - a program for testing Perl-compatible regular expressi...
perl (1)             - Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl5.10.1 (1)       - Practical Extraction and Report Language
perlbug (1)          - how to submit bug reports on Perl
perlivp (1)          - Perl Installation Verification Procedure
perlthanks (1)       - how to submit bug reports on Perl
piconv (1)           - - iconv(1), reinvented in perl
pl2pm (1)            - Rough tool to translate Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm m...
ptar (1)             - a tar-like program written in perl
RPC::PlClient (3pm)  - Perl extension for writing PlRPC clients
RPC::PlServer (3pm)  - Perl extension for writing PlRPC servers
String::CRC32 (3pm)  - Perl interface for cyclic redundency check generation
Text::CSV (3pm)      - comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl)
Text::CSV_PP (3pm)   - Text::CSV_XS compatible pure-Perl module
Text::Iconv (3pm)    - Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function
UUID (3pm)           - Perl extension for using UUID interfaces as defined in...
xsubpp (1)           - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code